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Talk about everything!
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All Members , Moderated
This is a members only community. Which means you have to join in order to view all the entries. Don't ask to be added, just do it yourself. When you make a post, please remember to make the entries friends only!. If you don't know how to do that check the memories. (you have to be a member before you can view) Also this is NOT a rating community. We do not judge anyone here, everyone is welcome.

This is just a community for us all to kick back and relax. Talk about whatever comes to mind, and a great place to meet new friends. The main idea of this community is every month there will be a theme. I will make a little survey you can fill out and you can post anything you want along with that theme. Pictures, stories, etc.

Of course, make all posts friends only. I will give you one warning and if after a day you don't change it I will delete your entry.
When you post something to go with the theme, make sure the post is JUST about that. If you want to post pictures or something do that in another post please. You also only get one warning about this.
You may promote a community in here. But please no self-centered tween rating communities. Rating promos are fine, but I'd prefer promos from other types of communities.
Please be courteous to others friends pages. Most people will see this community from there, so if you are posting large pictures please put them behind a cut. Or you will get alot of angry people.
Do not fight or be rude to the other members or mod. I only have to warn you once and if you don't stop I will have to ban you.
Feel free to post other things not pertaining to the theme. Like pictures, or ask for advice, etc. Everything is welcome here except the things below.
What NOT to post: rants bashing other members opinions, no nudity or porn obviously, anything disrespectful like racist or sexist comments, etc. I think you get the general idea.

Current theme

After you join please make a post so we can get to know you better! It's not required but if you want to make new friends and let people know more about yourself it's fun!

Favorite movies:
Favorite music, types and bands:
What do you do in your free time:
What kind of books or magazines do you like:
Have any pets:
Where do you see yourself in the future:
Anything else we need to know about you:
Pictures (if you have them):